Scattered Streaming of thoughts behind Skin-deep

Where does the sea shells go? 

No! The so soft, slimy, skinless-like creatures inside it.

Do they died? Why am I happy everytime I found a seashell

without even thinking someone have died that's why I have it?

No, Not sure if they died. If they do,

why do their shells are still here as if waiting for them to come back?

But, how could they leave their security?

Where does the courage came from?

The bravery of getting out of their cover,

their durable, well designed house

since the beginning of its formation on their own body or I don't know!

Sometimes, ignorance of science opens knowledge to the soul.


Their delicateness, unprotectedness, nakedness, openness are indispensable but scary.

I'd rather die if I were them but I'm not them, no, not yet fully.

They are what they are inside and these are just my thoughts unguarded.


Undefended feelings; richness of the soul.

Vanishing of fears; freedom of spirit.

These, can only happen with the presence of light.


Getting out of the shell is exposing ourselves to all kinds of danger and even death.

But more than everything to be scared of, it is also exposing ourselves to light.


My heart knows me so I should know my heart.

From the first beating of it inside my mother's womb

until its last beat inside my body, the music is on.

Every part of my body,  smallest to biggest are dancing to its rhythm.

Why not me? I'm the wholeness of their individuality.

They dances to my heart's rhythm because they listen...

despite the presence of all the toxins and toxic substances

they continue moving as natural as breathing in and breathing out

by being just what they are designed for.


Someday; damaged, torn apart, defects, breathless, cremated, return to dust,

seems lifeless like an empty shell. It doesn't end there, do you believe?


Listen to the sound of its emptiness, unending whispers of richness it share.

Listen to the vastness of its serenity, the quiet stories of her deepest whereabouts...

reveals only to those who take courage to listen.

Even if you can't give an exact word of significance, keep on coming back.

Listen without bothering to understand, only willingness to ride the journey.


Happiness, sadness; battles won, battles lost; anger and fears; bruises and wounds;

tears and laughters; mistakes and regrets; insanity, surreal dreams...infinity.


I wonder what comes next but without expectations.

Only surreal hope-to-be's and surreal wanna-be's.

Do they died or leave their shell for the welcoming of all things?

Is it their time? or is it just their nature?

The natural phenomenon which not needed to be constantly a question and answer portion

...but always open to the unknown.



April 7, 2013


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  1. salvatatria

    Listening without bothering to understand is taking courage in itself to be exposed to light. I like this one. It’s full of realities and uncertainties, and yet so assuring of another destiny after this life..

    April 10, 2013
  2. cristinvelascotiamzon

    Thanks sis, you lift up my wanna-be-a-writer spirit=)

    April 11, 2013
    1. salvatatria

      You are a writer sis. Your passion is innate, and I can always feel your spirit in the words you write. I love you.

      July 21, 2013