The victim, the crime, and the criminal

The victim, the crime, and the criminal

I have walked miles of sorrows 

In the meadow of my own scattered bones, 

And I saw my body drifted by chains

Of unforgiving fire. 

I also found my blood in a bucket

Of painful memories, 

continuesly overflows on the floor

of heightened self-pity,

feeding the hungry ground screaming of injustice. 


Then I saw a shadow, I found a lead. 

I saw myself with bloody arms

A butcher's knife and  ruthless eyes. 

I brave myself and walk towards the criminal. 

"I see you, do you see me? 

You may rip me into pieces just like the way you used to do. 

But you'll owe me an apology 

And I'll owe you forgiveness."

Shall we fix this horrible  non-sense now?"


She answered, "where have you been all this time? 

No one had talked to me for years... 

No one can see me in the dark... 

No one to offer my apology...

No one to ask for forgiveness...

No one bothered to understand... 

And I have ripped tons of bodies to tell the world that I exist. 

To recognize my existence is like a drop of rain on a desert.

To talk to me for the first time is like a bird's song in the morning. 

This world is beautiful as thee how could I made this a valley of crimes?"

"Let's fix this ugly mess I found"

"And let it be my way to apologize."



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